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31 Days of Horror Book Covers: #14


#14: Dark Gods – T.E.D. Klein (Bantam, 1986)

A paramount collection that is a necessity to the horror reader’s top shelves. I remember finding this paperback at the bottom of a dusty column of old paperbacks in a local pharmacy. Hands down, the best $1.99 I’ve ever spent.

SERPENTS IN THE COLD – soundtrack on 8tracks

My soundtrack to the novel, SERPENTS IN THE COLD, is a featured mix on 8tracks. Ninety minutes of cinematic scores, melancholic jazz, and Noir-inspired electronics. I think it makes a nice audio accompaniment to the wintry and bleak crime novel written by Thomas O’Malley and me.

(click on image for the link)

Purdy_SerpentsintheCold revise2.25

‘Serpents in the Cold’ is a crime novel about uncovering dark secrets and going against the odds for the sake of redemption. Two friends, Cal O’Brien and Dante Cooper, traverse the frozen landscape of Boston in the 1950s to solve a murder that runs a violent trail deep through the city and its many shadows.

Also check out the chain of other 8tracks mixes inspired by the novel. So many great sounds here, ranging all styles and tempos: