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Les Morsures du Froid release

Today Editions Le Masque books releases Les Morsures du Froid (Serpents in the Cold) in France. This beautiful cover hits all the right notes.




We Were Kings

We Were Kings (release: 6/21/16, Mulholland Books)


Book #2 in The Boston Saga


31 Days of Horror Book Covers: #7

Teenage angst sure was a bitch in the 1980s.


#7: The Fury – John Farris (Tor Horror, 1986)

The novel was originally released in the mid-1970s, and then made into a great film by Brian DePalma (featuring one of the most magnificent body explosions in all of cinema – yes, click here).  Above, we see the Tor Horror re-release of The Fury, which has been given a more 1980s cashmere-sweater YA vibe.

And as a bonus cover, we have the following from John Saul’s Comes the Blind Fury. At first it looks like this could be a sequel to The Fury, but this edition of Saul’s novel came out earlier in the decade. The similarities are striking: the purple background, the whitened eyes, the otherworldly ‘I’ll swallow your soul’ glow.

God I miss the days when all children were evil.