Writer’s Room

daytime Brooklyn window black and white

What’s on your to-read bookshelf now?

The Complete works of Samuel Beckett, a stack of 1980s horror paperbacks, Clarice Lispector, some Chester Hymes and Lucius Shepard (criminally underrated), John Hawke’s The Lime Twig, Anna Kavan’s ICE, and a couple of hundred others in various shapes and sizes.

Is there a book you love to reread?

The works of George V. Higgins. Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue! For descriptive brilliance, I’ll dip into a whole array of works from John Crowley, Shirley Jackson, and John Banville. For desperation and darkness, David Goodis and Ramsey Campbell remind me of the frailties of daily life and the shadows that cling to the corners.

You used to work in film studies. What films inspire you?

Like books, there are so many films to match the mood I’m in. Heavy-hearted, perhaps Antonioni’s La Notte. For comedy classics, the original Bad News Bears or The Odd Couple. 1970s were the best decade, in my opinion. Lately, the remastered prints of William Friedkin’s Sorcerer and Michael Mann’s Thief have me salivating.

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