31 Days of Horror Book Covers: #7

Teenage angst sure was a bitch in the 1980s.


#7: The Fury – John Farris (Tor Horror, 1986)

The novel was originally released in the mid-1970s, and then made into a great film by Brian DePalma (featuring one of the most magnificent body explosions in all of cinema – yes, click here).  Above, we see the Tor Horror re-release of The Fury, which has been given a more 1980s cashmere-sweater YA vibe.

And as a bonus cover, we have the following from John Saul’s Comes the Blind Fury. At first it looks like this could be a sequel to The Fury, but this edition of Saul’s novel came out earlier in the decade. The similarities are striking: the purple background, the whitened eyes, the otherworldly ‘I’ll swallow your soul’ glow.

God I miss the days when all children were evil.



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