31 Days of Horror Book Covers: #3

He is death personified, demoniacal, unstoppable, bloodthirsty, and very, very real.

Yes, people he is the SLOB.


#3: Slob  – Rex Miller (Signet, 1987)

Hailed as one of the least subtle paperbacks in the Horror Boom, Rex Miller’s SLOB is a no-nonsense head-first dive into the damaged psyche of a serial killer, a 400+ pound mess called Chaingang. The cover reeks of the mid-1980s, denim, blood-stained chains, and a blurb from Stephen King. As a teenager, I remember holding this paperback and feeling something both sleazy and ridiculously sublime. What’s under the cover is a different story. This book is in the ‘love or hate’ category. With lines like the following, there isn’t much in-between.

…How pleasant it would have been to sink a sharp object into her throat, ripping down across the breasts and then the abdomen and then gutting her and taking the parts he liked the best. And the thought of this fills his head with a scarlet roar.


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