31 Days of Horror Book Covers: #2

#2: Doom City  – edited by Charles L. Grant (Tor Horror, 1987)

Today’s cover image could be viewed in many ways. Is it an advertisement for a single’s resort: throw your heart to the wind and we’ll find you that absolute love? Or could it be a promo for vacationing at a seaside commune for those hoping to mend a broken heart, a drug addiction, or something far worse: yes, here the sunsets have the smoldering impression of a leering skull, so enjoy our quaint shoreline as we help you find yourself?


‘Doom City’ was part two of an anthology quartet edited by the late Charles L. Grant (a damn good editor but an even better short story writer). Every tale takes place in a fictitious coastal town along the Northeast, Greystone Bay, penned by some genre’s finest: Steve Rasnic Tem, Al Sarrantonio, Robert McCammon, Kathryn Ptacek, and many others. While this cover may not fully strike the horror chord, it sure does nail the mid-1980s contemplative, air-brushed vibe. Doom City doesn’t look all that bad, does it?

I can’t help to pair up this image with the following score from Brian DePalma’s ‘Body Double’. I think, goes so well with the high heels, sun-kissed ocean spray, and sweeping synths of glossy embossed loneliness.


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