M. Misanthrope Rules of Writing #16, #28, #60, #94

homeless-man-goes-onlineM. Misanthrope offers some end-of-the-year advice to writers.

#16 – The worst New Year’s resolution a writer can have is ‘to write more’. If it’s not happening now, it’s not happening next year.

#28 – Genres are like old clothes – sometimes ‘in’, most times ‘out of fashion’. Mix and match carefully.

#60 – When writing a sex scene, avoid the words, ‘crusty’, ‘gooey’, ‘lubricious’ and ‘supercilious’.

#94 – Have a jacket hanging on the back of your desk chair, so when the cold reality of you being a bad writer sets in, you can put it on and have an illusory moment of warmth.


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